Scavenger Hunt Sheets – 20 Pack

A pack of 20 woodland themed nature scavenger hunt sheets. Comes with one A5 size ‘Little Wood Walkers’ branded wooden clipboard to make ticking off each item on your next nature collecting and spotting trip in the woods that much easier and exciting!

A pack of scavenger hunt sheets with 20 nature and woodland-themed pages with unique things to find on your woodland walks. If you’re out on a nature hunt then this pack is a perfect addition to your walk.

Each pack comes with one A5 size ‘Little Wood Walkers’ branded wooden clipboard to make ticking off each item easy when you’re out in the woods nature collecting and spotting. These are ideal for keeping the kids entertained on your woodland walks. Additional clipboards can be purchased for £1 each. If you wish to purchase more clipboards, please select this option on checkout.

  • Each individual sheet contains a unique hand-drawn colourful illustration of popular woodland animals and features to find.
  • Each individual sheet is ideal for one-time use and with 20 scavenger sheets included, this will provide entertainment on many a trip to the woods.
  • The scavenger hunt sheets are printed on 80gsm paper and measure approximately 19 cm x 13 cm each
  • Each sheet contains a unique combination of 12 items to look for on your favourite woodland walks. No combination of items is the same.
  • There are 60 items to find in total spread evenly across the 20 sheets

Take one out at a time

Take three out at a time

Take 10 out a time

Take all 20 out at once

The choice is yours!

These can be used in any woodland location across the UK (…and the world).

What are the physical specifications of the contents of the scavenger hunt sheets?

The dimensions of the sheets themselves are approximately 19 x 13 cm. They are printed on 80 gsm paper and on an A5 masonite clipboard with a metal grip.

What if I run out of sheets?

We have a downloadable option of the scavenger hunt sheets only, which can be printed at home and are a great way to refill your clipboards. If you’d like more information, please see here


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