Downloadable Story Building Game – Story Cards

This is a digital download version of our Story Cards.

This is a digital download version of our Story Telling Cards.

The design has been amended with a white background to save ink when printing at home. Optimum printing instructions are contained within the download.

What is a story building game? 

Let everyone’s imagination run wild. Create infinite stories on your walks with this printable story building game. Pick a card and start telling a story based on what you see. Whenever you’re ready, have the next person choose another and continue the story with a new prompt. The pack is split into characters, objects, event prompts, words to include and items to find and include. The possibilities are, literally, endless and can be used absolutely anywhere. A story can last from anything between 1 minute and 100 years (or more?).

Our story cards are divided into three categories and

Images – Spider, Squirrel etc – These can be used to form the main character or subject of the story

Sentence Prompts – (e.g ‘A wizard has appeared with a magic wand, he casts a spell…’ ) These allow for the story to take various unexpected turns

Key Words – (e.g Spiky, Heavy) Find something on your walks that matches this word and use it in your story. This encourages the child to explore their surroundings.

What age is this story building game aimed at?

These cards are aimed at children who are able to put together full sentences and use their imagination up to around 10-12 years old.

What do I get if I buy this product?

You will receive a downloadable set of story building cards. Within the download are 34 story prompts and one game idea of how to get the best out of your cards. Please note this is a digital product, if you would like to purchase the hard copy please visit this link

Where can I play this story building game?

All of our products, including these cards are created with a woodland theme making them ideal for walking in the woods however these can be used absolutely anywhere as long as you have enough imagination!



Three children exploring forest

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