The Rising Sun Country Park, Benton – Pick a Path

There’s something going on in the woods and Tailsy the Squirrel needs your help.

There’s something going on in the woods and Tailsy the Squirrel needs your help. Choose your route through the Rising Sun Country Park, Benton, North Tyneside in search of the Terrible Troll or the Wicked Witch.

Little Wood Walkers Pick-a-Path books allow your child to choose their own story through the Rising Sun Country Park, whilst following their chosen characters’ story and completing challenges along the way

We offer an optional free plastic wallet to hold your Pick a Path book in to aid with waterproofing whilst out on your adventure. We hope someday to be able to offer a more eco-friendly alternative however until then please let us know if you would like your book to arrive with a wallet.

Where is the Rising Sun Country Park?

The full address of the Rising Sun Country Park is Whitley Road, Benton NE12 9SS

What will I receive if I buy a Rising Sun Country Park pick-a-path book?

You will receive one wiro-bound booklet which has everything you will need to complete your self-guided walks around the Rising Sun Country Park. Within the book are a set of stickers that you can give your child at the end of completing each route

What age group are the pick-a-path books aimed at?

Every child is different but we feel that given the length of time between the shortest and longest route and also the level of challenges, this would best suit children between the ages of 3 and 10. Of course, we hope everyone will enjoy their day, including the adults!



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