Nature Scavenger Hunt Cards

A pack of rain-proof scavenger cards with 34 different items to be found on your walks through your favourite woodlands.

A pack of rain-proof, nature-themed scavenger hunt cards with 34 different items to be found on your walks through your favourite woodlands.

A pack of nature scavenger hunt cards to add an extra element of fun to your woodland adventure. Printed on 350gsm card, these come in a small perfectly pocket-sized eco-friendly bag and are designed to keep your children entertained and make your life as a parent or carer, that little bit easier. With 34 fun things to find, these can be used over and over and will provide endless entertainment in woodlands across the UK (…and the world).

What can you expect in a pack of scavenger hunt cards?

This set of scavenger hunt cards has 34 hand-drawn nature-themed illustrations and one card with game ideas to help you get the best of your cards. The cards are perfect for getting your children to be one with nature and learn about the things you might find outdoors.

What age are the scavenger hunt cards aimed at?

These cards are aimed at children aged from 4 to 10 years old.

What are the physical specifications of the scavenger hunt cards?

The dimensions of the cards are approximately 5.5 cm x 8.5 cm. They are printed on 350 gsm card with a laminate coating to ensure durability and weatherproofing. The cotton bags measure approximately 12 cm x 15 cm and are made of 55-60% Cotton and 40-45% Polyester with a 100% cotton drawstring. The ink used on our cards is vegetable-based with a water-miscible sealer meaning they are vegan friendly.

What do I get if I buy this product?

You will receive 35 cards which include 34 nature-themed scavanger hunt cards and one with fun game ideas of how to get the best out of your cards. You will also receive a perfectly pocket-sized pouch to keep your cards together.



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