1. When using your Little Wood Walkers Pick a Path Book (“Walk”)…

1.1 You must accept full liability and you are solely responsible for your safety and the safety of your group while following and completing any walk.

1.2 Please be respectful whilst on your Walk and considerate for your surroundings. Some of the land may be privately owned

1.3 If you are required to access private land to follow any Walk, you should make note and follow any conditions or restrictions that the landowner may impose.

2. Choosing the right Walk for you and making the right decisions whilst on the Walk

2.1. We provide guidance on our Walks and the suitability for those completing them. This information is available on our website and within the Walk book. We believe this guidance to be correct but cannot be held responsible for any guidance which may be deemed inaccurate by a customer. This includes the length and duration of a Walk. Unfortunately due to nature of woodland areas, these are not suitable for wheelchair and pushchair users.

2.1.2. If whilst on a Walk you feel the guidance is not suitable for yourself or your party, then you are responsible for making the decision to stop and should not carry on.

3 Whilst on the walk

3.1 The book is aimed at providing outdoor fun for kids. We have taken all necessary steps to ensure any facts or information contained within the walk booklet is accurate. We cannot, however, be held responsible for any inaccuracies. All reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the challenges are fun and safe however we are not liable for any loss or injury as a result of any challenge or game played along the walk. You are responsible for your own safety including those in your care i.e children. 

It is your responsibility to ensure you comply with any car parking opening and closing times

Three children exploring forest

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